CIA 应用食物研究 Bachelor’s Degree

  • Make a Difference in the World Through Food

    You love food, value how it is grown and sourced, and want to 产生影响 on how it’s perceived, distributed, and enjoyed throughout the world. 美国美高梅mgm Bachelor of Professional Studies in 应用食物研究 为你而生. Offered at our 纽约校区, this innovative program will prepare you to become a responsible leader in areas like food systems, media, 可持续发展, education, and advocacy through hands-on learning experiences 与我们的 完成教师.


    • 获得一个清晰的 understanding of food policy, ethics, and 生态, as well as agri文化, 可持续发展, food systems, and world cuisines and 文化s.
    • 开发 leadership and communication skills that will enable you to explain complex food-related concepts and influence public opinion.
    • 获得 real-world experience 通过一个 paid internship semester at one of CIA’s 2,000+ food industry partners. (Already have experience? 查看我们的 涡轮选项.)
    • 应用你的高级软件 knowledge of local and global food issues and food 历史 to current events.
    • 选择一个 主要集中 that aligns with your career goals, such as farm-to-table or a global cuisine, and expand your world view with a travel abroad experience.
    • Connect with 140+ companies hiring 在CIA招聘会, 包括美国宝德公司, 黑莓农场, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, 食物+在b谷歌, 食物队, 戈登的餐饮服务, 和Wegmans.

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    Get Involved in the Big Business of Food

    Companies are increasingly in need of experts knowledgeable about food policy, 系统管理, 可持续发展, and global distribution. After you graduate, your degree will help you pursue a career in:

    • Advocacy groups such as the Consumer’s Union, the Food Research and Action Center, and Greenpeace
    • Communications, public relations, and marketing
    • 生态旅游
    • 教育
    • Health agencies such as the American Public Health Association, Cornell Cooperative Extension, National Institutes of Health, and Public Health Association of 纽约 City
    • Policymaking groups such as the United Nations, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and The Global Health Council
    • Production, sales, and sourcing of products for farm-to-table
    • Food industry associations such as the Food Marketing Institute, National Dairy Council, and Council for Responsible Nutrition

    With so many possibilities, our 职业服务 staff is ready to help you every step of the way. There’s no network like the CIA network, which includes some of the world’s most renowned culinary, 饮料, and hospitality experts.

    The list of celebrated CIA alumni is as diverse as it is extensive. They’ve found success doing what they love. 现在轮到你了.


    Students taking the Bachelor of Professional Studies in 应用食物研究 program may choose one of two area of focus: 烹饪艺术 or Baking and Pastry Arts.

    The 126-credit BPS in 应用食物研究, 烹饪艺术 focus includes:

    • 51 credits in culinary arts requirements
    • 33 credits in liberal arts requirements
    • 3 credits in liberal arts electives
    • 6 credits in business management requirements
    • 21 credits in applied food studies requirements
    • 6 credits in applied food studies electives
    • 6 credits in free electives

    The 126-credit BPS in 应用食物研究, Baking and Pastry Arts focus includes:

    • 52.5 credits in baking and pastry arts requirements
    • 31.5 credits in liberal arts requirements
    • 3 credits in liberal arts electives
    • 6 credits in business management requirements
    • 21 credits in applied food studies requirements
    • 6 credits in applied food studies electives
    • 6 credits in free electives

    You will get an ideal mix of courses in areas like food anthropology, 生态, 历史, governmental policies, and 可持续性 that build upon the knowledge gained from CIA’s hands-on culinary or baking and pastry arts core. 在一起, they will give you the perspective needed for careers that focus on food as a window into economics, 文化, class, 和政治.

    The curriculum features a semester-long internship experience, as well as your choice among several optional, specialized study concentration, including Advanced Wine and Beverage, Asian Cuisine, Farm-to-Table, and many more.

    See catalog for curriculum details

    需求 for 招生

    • A high school diploma or GED credential.
    • This program is offered for in-person, full-time study at CIA’s 纽约校区. Students who complete associate degree programs at our other campuses may transfer to earn their bachelor’s degree.



    CIA is very committed to making your CIA education as affordable as possible. Our costs are comparable to similar colleges, and here’s even better news—more than 90% of our students receive some form of financial aid.

    Don’t let applying for financial assistance keep you from going to the world’s premier culinary college. No matter what your individual circumstances are, we will work with you to help make attending CIA an affordable investment in your future in the world of food.

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  • School of Liberal Arts and Food Studies Gonfalon

    School of Liberal Arts and Food Studies

    The School of Liberal Arts and Food Studies features a forward-thinking and globally significant course of study in a broad range of topics essential to today’s food world. The diverse knowledge of our faculty and extraordinary hands-on field experiences provide valuable new insights and perspectives to students who are ready to change the world. The curriculum continually draws from the ground-breaking findings of CIA’s annual Menus of Change and Worlds of Flavor initiatives, where global leaders come together to advance vital concepts such as plant-forward and 可持续性. 学习 more about our faculty >
  • Join CIA Professor Dr. Maureen 成本ura as she takes you on an up-close tour of the college’s apiary. 这个项目, part of the 应用食物研究 degree program, is an exciting experience for students who are studying the role, 好处, and challenges of pollinators in the 生态 of our food systems.

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    很酷的课程 in 应用食物研究

    Make a difference in the world through food in CIA applied food studies degree program, with courses that may surprise you.


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    More than 90% of CIA students receive scholarships and financial aid.